BLINK (Business leaders Insight Network of Kansas)

A Community for Accounting, Finance & Business Leaders, Powered by the Kansas Society of CPAs


Evolving market dynamics and market disruptors are changing how our organizations do business…. and they’re doing so in the blink of an eye (think: innovation, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and new currencies).  

We know that the market and technology will not rest so we must swiftly adapt our roles and our teams. BLINK is a forum for thought-provoking conversation amongst premier accounting and finance professionals to identify the waves of change facing us and what we must do to sustain the prosperity of our organizations. 

Collaborate in the BLINK community as we evolve our accounting and finance roles, embrace emerging technologies, deliver analytical insights, and offer strategic guidance as trusted business advisors.


Join other influential business leaders in a comfortable setting to discuss what’s new, what’s on the horizon and what it means for individuals and their organizations. Connect with fellow savvy business professionals in accounting and finance, as influential thought leaders dissect emerging trends in the collaborative space.

BLINK sessions will be organized to accommodate valuable collaboration, impart awareness of an emerging topic, and will provide the opportunity to participate in a forum of thought-provoking conversation to explore solutions.

Next Steps

We do not have to change everything at once, but we do have to drive strategic transformation periodically to compete and still be relevant. We cannot depend on keeping status quo, we must make sense of it all so we can lead our teams to innovate and find new, better ways to create value.

Participate in BLINK to develop confidence in your leadership brilliance through far-sightedness and exposure to state and nationwide trends, while empowering professional decision-making. Gain the insight needed to lead teams and guide organizations in this fast-paced business world. 

Learn more about BLINK by contacting KSCPA CEO & President, Natasha Schamberger, CPA at or by calling 785-272-4366.