Standing Committees & Task Forces

KSCPA Members Work to Protect the Public and Lead the Direction of the KSCPA

Standing Committees

In addition to the Leadership of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, the KSCPA Bylaws call for a nominations committee and an ethics committee.

Other Committees

Other committees include the Political Action Committee (PAC) and the KMAAG Board of Editors.

Strategic Goals Task Forces

Through its strategic planning process, the KSCPA identifies Task Forces to help the KSCPA be a community that connects, innovates, advocates and learns.

Technical Task Forces

Technical task forces monitor and respond to issues related to Tax and Accounting and Assurance Services. The task forces are also charged with determining topical areas where members need better understanding.


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Standing Committees Designated By KSCPA Bylaws

Nominations Committee

The objective of the Nominating Committee is to select nominees for Officers and Directors of the KSCPA Board of Directors for which terms have ended or for which vacancies have occurred. The committee also selects Kansas Members of AICPA Council, Trustees to the Educational Foundation and makes recommendations to the Governor for Board of Accountancy appointments.

Professional Ethics Committee

The objective of the Professional Ethics committee is to remain informed on national ethics trends, provides guidance to Society members on ethical behavior and standards, and ensures members’ adherence thereto. KSCPA has adopted the AICPAs Professional Code of Conduct.


Strategic Goals Task Forces

Time Commitment: Two-year term, two live meetings per year, quarterly video conference

Connect Task Force

The Connect Task Force works to determine ways to connect people by building a broad community that encourages meaningful and ongoing participation and collaboration.

  • Determine the implementation plan for the new member onboarding process.
  • Offer unique elements at live and virtual events and meetings that demonstrate personalized fun and recognition for members. 
  • Craft a plan to expand and engage our multi-generational community of leaders that join in our efforts to transition successfully into the future through a series of pilot peer focus groups.

Innovate Task Force

The Innovate Task Force works to identify how KSCPA members can innovate as forward-thinking professionals by responding to the profession trends on the horizon, and by embracing new practices to lead successfully into the future.

  • Explore technology groundwork and continue the discussion for a new membership model that is sustainable into the future and explore options for a mobile responsive website.
  • Serve as a tour guide for members to navigate trends and to be future-ready professionals, promoting a Think Forward, Act Now mindset.

Advocate Task Force

The Advocate Task Force works to maintain a strong advocacy role in the accounting profession by monitoring key issues, forging effective relationships and seeking favorable legislation with regulators and policy makers. The Advocate Task Force works directly with governmental units in collaboration with the KSCPA Governmental Relations Consultant/Lobbyist.

  • Create and circulate a drawshop video that depicts the history and impact of KSCPA Advocacy.
  • Monitor key issues and work with legislators and regulators to provide expertise.
  • Maintain a productive relationship with KDOR Secretary and staff, serve as advisors and collaborators and build a relationship with KDOC.

Learn Task Force

The Learn Task Force is charged with advancing learning by being a trusted hub for sharing of relevant knowledge, best practices and resources. The Learn Task Force also works to establish strong relationships with educators.

  • Continue the momentum of the Accounting Career Kick-start Program and collaborate with educators along the way.
  • Create a Pop-up CPE option for KSCPA videocast viewers with sponsoring firms or Chapters hosting satellite viewings.

Technical Task Forces

Time Commitment: Two-year term, on average, three times per year (in-person or video conference)

Accounting and Assurance Task Force

The Accounting and Assurance Task Force monitors various AICPA, FASB, and GASB exposure drafts and submits written comments on exposure drafts as deemed necessary. The task force is also charged with determining topical areas where members need better understanding and how to enhance CPA's knowledge and compliance with these standards.

Taxation Task Force

The Taxation Task Force keeps up with the latest on state and local tax issues impacting Kansas taxpayers and businesses. This task force maintains contact with Kansas Department of Revenue and Kansas Department of Labor representatives, including periodic liaison meetings. This task force also collaborates with AICPA's tax staff/committees to give input on federal tax laws and regulations.