Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 2: Data Validation and Conditional Formatting

This webcast covers the function that sums better than the SUM function for accounting professionals.

12/6/2022 1:00pm - 3:00pm  |  Online  |  AICPA

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CPE Categories: Specialized Knowledge & Applications (2 CPE)

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Let us ask you a question. What function do you use most? Is it the SUM function? It shouldn't be — well, at least if efficiency is your goal. This session covers the function that sums better than the SUM function for accounting professionals. In addition, we review the data validation feature, which enables us to control what a user enters into a cell. We'll discuss the conditional formatting feature, which enables us to format a cell based on its value. Lastly, we'll conclude by reviewing a technique that addresses a major pitfall of Excel. The webcast is designed with time for you to work along. This hands-on workshop is an effective way to learn Excel, since you'll be completing the same exercises demonstrated by the instructor. A link will be provided, so you can download the necessary Excel files. During the session, the instructor will provide time for you to complete the exercises using your Microsoft Excel for Windows. For each topic presented, the instructor explains the topic and demonstrates it with Excel exercises. Then, the instructor provides time for you to complete many of the same exercises. Finally, the instructor demonstrates the solutions for all the exercises in the practice workbook, and then moves to the next topic. This format allows you to work along rather than just watch passively, enabling you to immediately practice the skills demonstrated.

Instructor: Jeff Lenning

Target Audience

@ Accountants in Practice and industry

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this webcast, you will be able to: • Effectively use the data validation feature. • Format cells using the conditional formatting feature. • Explore better options for summing. • Effectively use skinny rows.


@ Criteria used to Determine if a transaction is a Sale and leaseback

-@ considerations with respect to a lessee’s involvement in the construction of a leased asset

-@ practical applications of leveraged leases

-@ Examples of Real-@life scenarios


working knowledge of Excel