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  • January 21, 2020
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City of Wichita

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The Finance Department provides financial management for the City of Wichita including payment processing, payroll, debt management, investments, pension management, revenue collection, procurement, risk management, and budgeting. In addition, the Finance Department facilitates projects and completes research of organization-wide importance. The recent Zero- Based Budget (ZBB) review was coordinated by Budget Office staff, and the Budget Office will continue to be involved with ongoing organizational research. Over the next year, Finance staff in multiple divisions will be involved with implementation of the new Finance/Payroll/HR ERP. Debt Management professionals will continue to work with staff in Finance and other departments to manage the City's debt portfolio, including utility-related debt. These same professionals will also continue to administer special assessment debt, which benefit the development community and provide a means of financing certain improvements that can be assessed and paid back by property owners over an extended period of time. Economic Development staff in the City Manager's Office will continue coordinating with the Finance Department on such matters as special financing, including special assessments, STAR bonds, and TIF districts.
The Controller's Office reports through the Controller/Finance Manager to the Finance Director. It safeguards the integrity of the City's financial data and systems, ensures the accuracy of payments made to vendors and employees, keeps informed and prepared for upcoming accounting pronouncements and regulatory legislation affecting the City, and provides assistance in the overall financial management of the City by making timely and accurate financial information available both to internal and external users. 
The goal of the Controller's office is to sustain the day-to-day accounting operations of the City in conformity with the highest professional and regulatory standards, while providing excellent customer service and support to the various operating departments of the City in order to enable them to provide services and fulfill their responsibilities to citizens.
We are seeking a candidate to fill the Deputy Controller position. This position will be mainly responsible for financial reporting and financial statements which also includes audit coordination. This is administrative, professional, and technical work supervising and participating in the operation of the Controller's Office by maintaining important control accounts and preparing or supervising the preparation of financial reports and statements. Work is directed and reviewed through the establishment of goals and subsequent evaluation of progress toward goal attainment.

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