Accounting Career Kick-Start Program


Natasha   An Ignite Blog by:
   Natasha Schamberger, CPA
   Kansas Society of CPAs CEO & President
   Published September 14, 2018

Our awesome profession includes a wide variety of accounting related roles that fuel the many moving parts of business. Now, that is important! Our prominence will continue over the next few years; we will see fast advancements in technology, multiple generations in the workplace that force the combustion of old and new beliefs, the expansion of market expectations, plus on-going complexity – all of which plug directly into our accounting profession’s exciting future. I’d say that with all these components in play, it is an opportunistic time to ignite the interest of new accounting talent to join us in our electrifying future! However, the question remains - How can we enlighten Kansas high school students and college students that a career in accounting is a worthwhile and remarkable choice?

The KSCPA Board of Directors took this question into consideration and through their dedication to keep our accounting community strong, the idea to develop the Accounting Career Kick-Start Program started to swelter. The Accounting Kick-Start Program is designed to attract and develop the accounting talent pipeline we need in Kansas. A hand-picked focus advisory group of enthusiastic, forward-thinking professionals from a variety of accounting related fields met earlier this year to help fuel the vision of the Accounting Career Kick-Start Program. This focus advisory group came up with this sure-fire game-plan:

INSPIRE: Expose students to the exciting future and endless career path opportunities in accounting.

  • You-Tube Channel Video Series showcasing the opportunistic elements of a career in accounting, especially in Kansas
  • INSPIRE Business Camp envisioned to be a 1.5-day event focused on real-world business problem solving with an emphasis on endless career paths in accounting through Ted Talks-type presentations & interactive student competitions and activities

LEAD: Connect students with each other and with accounting professionals to engage students in the accounting community early, and help them set goals for school and career

  • Three-Tiered Mentoring connecting undeclared students with accounting majors and professionals to encourage consideration of accounting as a major, develop relationships between students and accounting professionals, and keep students engaged in the accounting community

DEVELOP: Build skillsets focused on early leadership, effective communication, critical thinking and how to be creative & innovative to ensure future success for students, young professionals, and the employers that hire them.

  • Savvy Leadership Game proposed to be an online gamification learning platform integrating various learning methods to build these needed skillsets

We are off to a great start! Now we need your passion and dedication to help us pull off our vision-led goals and put these activities into action. We need both sponsors & volunteers. Proclaim yourself to be a contribution and join in our efforts to plug into the accounting talent of the future. There are infinite possibilities that will be a rewarding experience bound to make a difference in our accounting profession and sustain our community of top-notch accounting talent!

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The AICPA is collaborating with state CPA societies and/or state departments of education, along with the creator of the program, Dr. Dan Deines, CPA, by providing training to teachers with a goal of providing a higher-level accounting curriculum for high schools to better prepare their students for a career in accounting.

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