Advocacy Impact + Influence

The KSCPA Political Action Committee (PAC) and the KSCPA Advocate Task Force protect the profession through legislative influence, positioning our CPA community as a solid sounding board and trusted informational resource for advocacy success. We seek to adhere to five guiding principles in our advocacy efforts:

  • Protect both the CPA designation and the accounting profession.
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards of the profession.
  • Serve as an informational resource to legislators and committees on the potential impact of proposed legislation.
  • Provide relevant, salient information to members.
  • Maintain transparency for both decision-makers and the profession.

Impact in Kansas

Making a Difference


Successfully endorsed accounting services as essential during the COVID pandemic.


Prompted appeal bond legislation giving CPAs access to the appeal system.


Blocked and will continue to block legislation taxing professional services.


Collaborated with KDOR on hot issues – e.g., tax reform impact on Kansas and pandemic tax relief.

Partner for Influence

Leading the Effort


KSCPA-PAC is bipartisan and supports legislators who promote CPA interests.


KSCPA PAC forges effective relationships with Kansas policymakers.


KSCPA PAC contributions influence lawmakers’ decisions related to licensing and business issues important to Kansas CPAs.


KSCPA monitors key issues and serves as an informational resource to legislators outlining practical implications of policy.

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