Get Involved

The World Is Brighter When We Connect With The World Around Us. The Same Is True With Careers.

How Can You Connect And Get Involved? Here are a few ways to get started:

Task Forces + Committees

Serve as the connection between your organization, your community, and the accounting ecosystem.


Short-term, ad-hoc volunteer opportunities

Local Chapter Activities

Where local CPAs and professionals gather to connect, learn and innovate together.

L2F | Lead to the Future Program

Create your leadership blueprint to lead fast and fearlessly.

Peer Groups

Peers that engage in in-depth discussions and collaborate on a particular area of focus or interest.

BLINK | Business Leaders Insight Network

A community for accounting, finance & business leaders to be in the know.

Networking & Other Events

Learning together adds value, but mixing and mingling with your peers is invaluable.

Ignite Blog

Contribute to our community by writing a blog sharing how you are using emerging technologies or tackling a challenge.