Career Stage Leadership Development

The KSCPA is your career headquarters where you can network while developing your skills throughout your various career stages.


Students + New Grads

Leadership Development

Job Board

Search the job board for internship and job opportunities. 

Develop Learning Center + Mentors

Get elite training from this online gamification learning and mentoring epicenter for a vibrant college and career journey.

Student Peer Groups

Collaborate with accounting students across the state and exchange tips on acing the CPA exam, interviews and internships. Contact us to get involved with a peer group.

Early Career

Leadership Development

Job Board

Search the job board for your next career move.

Online Leadership Training

Take control of your career early by advancing your leadership skills with these recommended learning courses.

Local Chapter Events

Enhance your leadership presence by attendig a local Chapter event that offers networking and CPE.

Volunteer Task Forces + Committees

Build your leadership and communication skills by volunteering for a KSCPA task force or committee.

KSCPA Member Value Day

Connect with thought leaders and stay in tune with emerging profession trends at this meaningful event.


Leadership Development

Lead to the Future (L2F) Program

Join an elite network of leaders, make lasting connections, and experience training from a line-up of top leadership experts.

Job Board + Ownership Listings

Find your next adventure by exploring job postings or listings for accounting businesses that are for sale.

Local Chapter Involvement

Become a stronger leader in your community by engaging in local Chapter activities and leadership positions.

Volunteer Task Forces + Committees

Unlock your leadership potential by volunteering for a task force or committee, which opens the door for a Board of Directors position.

KSCPA Member Value Day

Network with peers and thought leaders while getting up to speed on emerging profession trends at this impactful event.

Thought Leadership Resources

Turn up the volume in your career by gleaning knowledge from thought leaders and learning how to apply it.


Leadership Development

Leadership Training

Choose from a variety of online leadership training webcasts to supercharge your leadership prowess. 

Job Board Listings

Continue forward momentum in your career by evaluating the job opportunities that match your expertise. 

Local Chapter Leader

Engage in local Chapter activities and be the thought leader that brings value to the meetings.

Task Forces + Committees

Give back to your profession by volunteering for a leadership position on a task force or committee.

Member Value Day

Expand your knowledge on emerging trends and network with peers at KSCPA's mainstay event.

Thought Leadership

Continue to learn from profession thought leaders and share your knowledge with emerging leaders.