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The Foundation Trustees are seeking 365 members of the KSCPA to contribute $1.00 per day ($365.00 lump sum) to the KSCPA Educational Foundation. The goal is to raise $133,225.00 to endow a leadership scholarship in honor of Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick, a deceased life member of the KSCPA who was one of the first 10 women to receive a Kansas CPA Certificate. She founded her own accounting practice in 1954, and was the first woman to chair the Kansas State Board of Accountancy.

This $2,500 undergraduate scholarship is awarded to a full-time student enrolled as an accounting major in his or her junior year at a Kansas college or university.

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KSCPA Educational Foundation—
A Long History of Promoting Accounting Education

The Articles of Incorporation of the Foundation were filed on October 23, 1963 as a not for profit entity. Over 95% of the Foundation’s revenue supports the mission of the Foundation which is to fund educational programs that advance the accounting profession.

Since 1964, the Foundation has achieved this mission by awarding scholarships and grants to high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty. Awarding grants and scholarships has increased awareness of the accounting profession to students and has helped the members of the KSCPA to establish cooperative relationships with the faculties of the colleges and universities in Kansas.

Since the inception of the Foundation, by combining the contributions of the members of the KSCPA in the Foundation, we have been able to provide one of the highest amounts of scholarships awarded to accounting students in Kansas.

During the first ten years of existence, the Foundation awarded $47,850 in scholarships. In 2009, $41,050 in scholarships was awarded, and $4,200 in faculty grants – almost 10 times the amount of the initial year! The scholarship and grant amounts awarded continue to increase with $46,000 being awarded in 2020.

Who governs
the Foundation?

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, nominated by the KSCPA nominating committee and elected by the KSCPA Membership at its Annual Meeting. The officers of the Board include a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer who also serve as the investment committee, monitoring the investments of the Foundation.

How is the
Foundation Supported?

The Foundation is supported mainly by tax-deductible charitable contributions. Each member who is not a life or student member of the KSCPA is assessed $25 annually, and members and others, including generous contributions from the KSCPA Chapters, make additional contributions. Make a Contribution ›

How can I make a contribution?

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How can I apply for a scholarship?

Complete information on applying for a scholarship through the Educational Foundation is available on the scholarships page.