The Kansas Society of CPAs Celebrates a Premier League of Life Members!


The Kansas Society of CPAs (KSCPA) had the honor of recognizing 43 long-time members elected to Life Membership status. Life Members are individuals who have been members for 40 consecutive years or are retired and over 65. 

These members were presented with an award and dues-free membership for life in the society at the KSCPA Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 4 at the Grand Street Café in Lenexa. It has been a privilege to work with and alongside these professionals who, through their activities, have contributed to the success and advancement of the Society and accounting profession. 

Congratulations to the following KSCPA 2019 Life Member recipients: 

Gerard R. Arensdorf, CPA, Colby, KS
Michael C. Burrus, CPA, Wichita, KS
Stanley R. Busby, CPA, Wichita, KS
David G. Carney, CPA, Virginia Beach, VA
Janet L. Crowther, CPA, Wichita, KS
Bob Decker, CPA, Wichita, KS
Bernard R. Dickman, CPA, Grinnell, KS
James M. Dillon, CPA, Falmouth, MA
Larry R. Falcetto, CPA, Emporia, KS
James L. Gordon, CPA, Manhattan, KS
Roger D. Harman, CPA, Hays, KS
Jolene M. Hetzke, CPA, Great Bend, KS
Sheldon D. Hochuli, CPA, Topeka, KS
Kim H. Hullman, CPA, Great Bend, KS
Royce C. Janssen, CPA, McPherson, KS
Roger L. Johnson, CPA, Topeka, KS
Allen H. Joy, CPA, Topeka, KS
Eric J. Larson, CPA, JD, Wichita, KS
Rolando Mayans, CPA, Wichita, KS
C. David Newbery, CPA, Topeka, KS
Carl O. Nord, CPA, Wichita, KS
Barbara M. Noyes, CPA, CGMA, Wichita, KS
Thomas F. Patten, CPA, CGMA, Wichita, KS
Shelley K. Patton, CPA, Pratt, KS
Harley W. Pottroff, CPA, Manhattan, KS
Jack M. Reda, CPA, Overland Park, KS
Gerald W. Robker, CPA, Manhattan, KS
Frank A. Sabala, CPA, Wichita, KS
Robert D. Schraeder, CPA, Hutchinson, KS
Alan E. Seiwert, CPA, Wichita, KS
Larry Sell, CPA, Wichita, KS
Kenneth A. Selzer, CPA, CGMA, Leawood, KS
Greg B. Sevier, CPA, Wichita, KS
Charles R. Sharp, CPA, Chanute, KS
Bradley K. Smisor, CPA, CGMA, Wichita, KS
Carol Ann Soukup, CPA, Ellsworth, KS
David A. Stallings, CPA, Overland Park, KS
John D. Stephens, CPA, Wichita, KS
Gordon E. Stockemer, CPA, Wichita, KS
Robert L. Tarman, CPA, Kechi, KS
Steven C. Wassom, CPA, Wamego, KS
Phillip C. Watson, CPA, Haven, KS
Thomas J. Whitacre, CPA, Olathe, KS 

Robert W. Decker, CPA
(Left to right: Robert W. Decker, CPA and KSCPA Chair Jay Langley, CPA, CGMA)

 Gerald W. Robker, CPA
(Left to right: Gerald W. Robker, CPA and KSCPA Chair Jay Langley, CPA, CGMA)

Allen H. Joy, CPA
(Left to right: Allen H. Joy, CPA and KSCPA Chair Jay Langley, CPA, CGMA)


 Kenneth A. Selzer, CPA
(Left to right: Kenneth A. Selzer, CPA, CGMA and KSCPA Chair Jay Langley, CPA, CGMA)


 Thomas J. Whitacre, CPA
(Left to right: Thomas J. Whitacre, CPA and KSCPA Chair Jay Langley, CPA, CGMA)

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The Kansas Society of CPAs Celebrates a Premier League of Life Members

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