RPA for Tax

Attend this webcast to learn how accounting and finance professionals worldwide can use robotic process automation (RPA) to decrease errors and inc...

6/27/2022 9:00am - 10:30am  |  Online  |  AICPA

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CPE Categories: Specialized Knowledge & Applications (4 CPE)

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(subhead) Revolutionize business processes in Tax

This webcast will give accounting and financial professionals a practical literacy on robotic process automation (RPA) via the use of performance based, task-centered problems. This webcast will help you identify potential uses for robotic process automation within the tax function including the benefits, considerations, and the decision criteria involved in an RPA implementation.

Target Audience

•Accounting, finance professionals looking for more information on how robotic process automation will impact tax processes

• Tax practitioners in small to medium-size firms that serve or advise clients and would like to understand the impact of robotic process automation on the tax function

•Managers/decision makers looking to utilize robotic process automation for tax Secondary audience:

•Tax auditors that are interested in how robotic process automation will impact the audit process

Course Objectives

•Identify information needs or requirements to apply data transformation.

•Determine criteria needed to apply or use RPA in the tax process.

•Recall how to build and test data transformation automation process

•Analyze the requirements to implement RPA


Overview of the basic concepts behind robotic process automation

•Understand how RPA technology will affect tax practices

•Digital vs human roles

•Identify data elements and process flows required to support the tax reporting process

•Use cases that show how RPA can be applied within the tax function


Basic RPA knowledge and an understanding of tax services