Essential Skills for Powerful Business Writing

Developing practical skills to increase your ability to inform, persuade, and motivate your reader.

11/22/2023 8:00am - 10:00am  |  Online  |  AICPA

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CPE Categories: Personal Development (limited to 30%) (2 CPE)

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Your writing represents you and your organization. Success in your career, success with customers or clients requires clear, concise, and polished communication. The sooner you learn professional techniques to plan, organize, and present your ideas for maximum impact, the sooner your proposals, e-mails, and reports will be read, understood, and acted upon! Developing practical skills will increase your ability to inform, persuade, and motivate your reader.

Instructor: Jennifer Elder,Karl Ahlrichs

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to have more influence and make a bigger impact

Course Objectives

Identify the ways we diminish our credibility when writing

Apply the 10step process for better business writing

Apply the method for summarizing information for maximum effectiveness and clarity

Distinguish between good and bad email techniques


Save time by planning and organizing your writing

prepare beginnings and endings that grab and keep the reader’s attention

Put your writing on a diet, cut the fat and write concisely

writing mechanics including word usage, grammar, punctuation, and proofreading

Edit and polish your writing for maximum impact

practice with realworld writing makeovers


A desire to have a bigger influence in your professional sphere.