Applying the Uniform Guidance in Your Single Audits

Understand, assess, and test internal controls as you apply the Uniform Guidance in single audits.

11/21/2023 8:00am - 4:00pm  |  Online  |  AICPA

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Gain efficiency

Learn how to be more efficient and effective at planning and performing audits in accordance with the Uniform Guidance in this all-new webcast. Join us to better understand the responsibilities and requirements of the auditee and auditor when performing a compliance audit under the Uniform Guidance.

You will also learn how to identify federal assistance and how to determine a nonfederal entity's major programs.

Instructor: Melisa F. Galasso

Target Audience

Auditors performing single audit engagements

internal financial staff of governments

staff of notforprofit entities interacting with Auditors

Course Objectives

Analyze the Relationship of the single audit Act and the OMB Uniform Guidance.

Identify the Types of guidance and requirements found in the Uniform Guidance.

Identify fundamental auditee and Auditor responsibilities related to a compliance audit of federal awards.

Determine major federal programs.

Determine the requirements of the single audit as it relates to understanding internal control, Assessing the level of control risk, and testing the effectiveness of internal control relative to federal awards.

Identify the single audit requirements for testing the direct and material compliance requirements for major programs.

Determine reporting requirements.

Identify the audit and reporting requirements for ProgramSpecific audits.


Introduction to single audits

preparation of the Schedule of expenditures of federal awards and determining major programs

understanding, Assessing, and testing internal control

testing compliance with federal statutes and regulations and applicable compliance requirements

Auditor reporting in a Uniform guidance compliance audit

ProgramSpecific audits

administrative requirements and cost principles in a single audit


Background of not-for-profit or governmental accounting and auditing