Surgent's Unlimited Webinar Package

Surgent's 2022 Unlimited Webinar Package get unlimited access to the largest webinar catalog in the industry. With 40+ webinars offered every week...

1/1/2022-12/31/2022  |  Online  |  Surgent

Members: $425.00, Non-members: $599.00

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Surgent's 2022 Unlimited Webinar Package gets you unlimited access to the largest webinar catalog in the industry. With 40+ webinars offered every week, including weekends, airing at a variety of convenient times throughout the day and evening, you’ll never have to worry about our webinars fitting in your schedule. And with the most modern webinar platform in the industry and interactive courses with renowned expert discussion leaders, you’ll get the guidance and analysis you need with an unmatched customer experience. Order today for 2022 access to the industry’s best webinars.

Special Pricing: As a KSCPA member, you pay just $425 – 30% off Surgent’s retail price!

Why Choose the Unlimited Webinar Package?

  • Get unlimited access to over 1300 webinars in 2022*
  • Includes 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 8-hour options in all the topics CPAs need.  Up to 5,500 credits!
  • Choose from daily options at many convenient times, including evenings, lunch hours, and Saturdays
  • You'll earn live CPE credit without exams (certificates delivery within 24hours)
  • All Surgent webinars feature high-quality audio and video, plus an easy-to-use attendance verification system (you'll just need to click the screen when prompted to verify that you're watching)

Technical support and interactive Q&A are available throughout all webinars.

Order a package now, and you'll receive instructions via email from You'll be able to start registering for live webinars courses right away.

* Note: this package does not include premium webinars

Target Audience

CPAs and accounting professionals in all areas of practice.

Course Objectives

Check individual courses for learning objectives.


What’s included?


Check individual courses for any necessary prerequisites.