Our Important Work

There Is Strength In Numbers.

The More Members We Have, The More Resources To Do Our Important Work.

The KSCPA is the main organization that advocates for:


Our Future

Our Profession

Giving you access to personalized features, development and learning.

Attracting and inspiring young talent in KS. Providing future-focused solutions.

Protecting the CPA License and monitoring legislative activity in Kansas.

Here are a few highlights:
Help us grow

  • We created a video promoting accounting and our exciting future to students.
  • We advocated for existing CPA Licensing requirements to remain intact for Kansas.
  • We successfully advocated for accounting to be considered an essential service during pandemic.
  • We collaborated with KDOR to give updates and guidance on pressing issues.
  • We launched our INSPIRE Business Camp inspiring high school students to choose accounting.
  • We launched Lead to the Future (L2F), a redesign of the 20 up to 40 leadership program featuring future-focused leadership training (soon to be expanded regionally).
  • We served as a trusted resource at the statehouse outlining how proposed bills would impact businesses and individuals.
  • We curated resources and timely updates on emerging issues (e.g., PPP developments).
  • We launched the Remote Work Toolkit and the DE&I Resource Center.
  • We celebrated CPA exam passers, Women to Watch award winners, scholarship recipients, Life Members, and L2F Graduates. 

We've got important work to continue.

Help us grow.

Encourage Your Colleagues to Join.

With your help, we can continue to:

Encourage more high school students to choose accounting.

Provide financial support to college accounting students.

Recruit more members for a stronger voice with legislators.

Continue to provide continuing education and leadership training.

Respond to profession trends and embrace new practices for future success.