January 10, 2024

Advocating for CPAs - 2024 Legislative Session Preview

Advocating for CPAs - 2024 Legislative Session Preview

January 10, 2024

As the 2024 Kansas Legislative Session kicks off, we're highlighting the KSCPA's advocacy efforts. Every year, legislation is introduced at the Kansas Statehouse that can potentially impact you, your clients, and the profession. The KSCPA is the primary organization in Kansas advocating on your behalf and for CPAs across the state to build and protect the accounting profession. We seek to adhere to five guiding principles in our advocacy efforts:

  • Protect both the CPA designation and the accounting profession.
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards of the profession.
  • Serve as an informational resource to legislators and committees on the potential impact of proposed legislation.
  • Provide relevant, salient information to members.
  • Maintain transparency for both decision-makers and the profession.

We will continue to provide weekly legislative updates to help keep members informed and aware during the legislative session. Below is a preview of the 2024 Legislative session from  KSCPA Governmental Affairs Consultant Marlee Carpenter, Bright and Carpenter Consulting, Inc.

2024 Legislative Session Preview

Lawmakers returned to Topeka for the start of the 2024 Kansas Legislative Session on Monday, January 8. This is the second year of Kansas' biennium session, so much of last year's legislation remains alive and ready for action.

Kansas currently has a $2.8 billion ending balance in the state general fund, further strengthening Republican leadership's resolve to pass significant tax cuts this year. The plan is to assemble a tax package early – similar to last year's vetoed bill – despite Governor Kelly's unwavering opposition to a single income tax rate for all Kansans. While Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers, the stars will have to align just right for the Legislature to successfully override another veto. If they can't, the early start on tax policy will at least give them time to pass a tax cut plan B.

The Governor's State of the State address was held on Wednesday, January 10, where she outlined her administration's policy priorities for this year. Kelly's recent tour across Kansas has been her strongest push for Medicaid expansion. While Republican Leadership continues to hold firm to their opposition, this issue is expected to be central to all other policy discussions in the Statehouse.

Democrat leaders recently announced their top agenda items, which include increasing funding for special and early education and reinstating state appropriations to local governments for the purpose of lowering property taxes. Other issues sure to capture headlines this year include water conservation, workforce development, regulatory reform, energy, and school choice.

With all 165 Senators and Representatives up for reelection this year, legislators will cautiously avoid controversial votes while advocating for issues, such as tax reform, which they can return home and campaign on. Election years are typically shorter legislative sessions, and 2024 should be no different. After the April spring break, lawmakers will return for the Veto Session eager to finish their work and begin fundraising.

KSCPA will keep you informed as these issues and more unfold throughout the session. 

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