July 12, 2018

Bridge to the Future

July 12, 2018


Chad_Allen_2018.jpg The Bridge to the Future
Chad M. Allen, CPA.CITP, Partner at Hutchins & Haake, LLC
KSCPA Chair of the Board

As someone who can’t get enough of summer, it bums me out to think that we’re about halfway through it already. But there is still plenty of time to catch some rays and still plenty of time for the fish in area lakes to run up the score on me some more. *sigh*

Every year, whether I’m ready for it or not, summer moves on. In much the same way, what we’ve known as a profession is starting to move on in some areas, whether we want it to or not. We have discussed the tremendous impact technology is having on our profession a great deal recently.  The pace of change and the widespread disruption to the core services CPAs provide is obviously a challenge for us all. It is because of this change that the KSCPA leadership has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to being that bridge from the profession many of us grew up in to one that will look drastically different by the time my generation exits the workforce. While we need to maintain a deep appreciation for how we as a profession got to this point, we also need to acknowledge that if we don’t foster the transition of how we perform these valued services, we could be left with a more difficult challenge of explaining to the marketplace how we are still relevant and valuable.

For that reason, we have been and will continue to try some new things at the KSCPA specifically designed to help you deal with this transition. To be clear, we have not forgotten where we came from and those who got us here. The work of those of you nearing the later stages of your careers has firmly established ours as a profession of integrity and trust. We are not about to cast that aside, but we must also acknowledge that the world is changing and way we provide value in it must evolve also. We see the KSCPA as a bridge builder in this journey from the old to the new. So you have and will continue to see new initiatives, new events, and new ideas from the KSCPA. We owe it to you as members to be a progress agent and help in times like this where it is so easy to be overwhelmed.

One initiative we started in 2018 was the Profession Emerging Trends Updates. Our purpose for these is to go to chapters and simply shed light on some areas that are already having a huge impact on the profession. Cybersecurity is an issue that affects us all (at least those of us with an internet connection, and if you’re reading this that probably includes you). Firms themselves are also changing, as we are seeing a sizeable increase in the number of CPA firms merging in non-CPA specialties (technology, marketing, HR, etc.). While some of these may not yet be disrupting our practices here in Kansas, they soon will, and we want you to be positioned to not only protect your practices but take advantage of this evolution. 

All of these things mean the accountant’s role in the marketplace is changing, and fast. We have been working hard to make sure our members have the awareness, guidance and tools needed to not only survive, but thrive in the future of our profession.

Enjoy the remaining summertime with your family and friends. I hope the rest of your summer goes better than the Royals!

Are you a bridge builder in your organization?

What practices have you put into place to ensure the vitality of your organization’s future?


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