December 22, 2020

Reflections and Connections

December 22, 2020

Ignite Blog by:

Natasha Schamberger, CPA

KSCPA CEO & President

As 2020 comes to a close (thank goodness!), I wanted our last Ignite blog of the year to end on a high note. Luckily last week, we started filming and interviewing a line-up of accounting college students and young accounting professionals (15 people!) for a video project. This promotional video is part of the Accounting Career Kick-start Program and is aimed to change the accountant stereotype perception and to inspire Kansas high-school students to explore accounting as their degree choice. I was looking forward to getting some great soundbites for the video, but I had no idea what I was in for! Truth be told, I was awestruck by the authentic energy and passion that oozed from these remarkable individuals as they shared their stories and enthusiasm for accounting in front of the camera! In reflecting on this, it’s a good reminder that the connections we make through our community are a gift. A gift to our future!


Their comments were extremely powerful and are a testament to our impressive accounting ecosystem in Kansas. The contagious enthusiasm and dedication from teachers, professors, CPAs, and accounting professionals have strongly influenced and connected these bright minds in a meaningful way! Thank you for helping us create a profession that young talent is excited about and wants to inspire others to join us. Here is a sneak peek of only a couple of the comments we filmed of aspiring students and professionals.  We expect to release the video in February 2021.

"I always feel accomplished whenever I have a large task at hand, and I’m able to dig into it, keep the curiosity alive, come up with my solution and contribute as a teammate – the work I do is very rewarding.”

Lizzie Walz

Southwestern College

Wendling Noe Nelson & Johnson 

"I can’t wait to help others reach their dreams, all while I’m reaching my own dreams.”

Haley Peterson

Kansas State University

"Something that I’ve found while I’ve been interning at various firms and getting to know people in the industry is that the people who are accountants are amazing. You’re not going to find a cooler bunch of people compared to what the public perception is. They are actually some of the most diverse group that I’ve ever met, and they’ve made an impact on my life. I think that people who want to come into accounting shouldn’t be afraid of having their uniqueness dulled. I think you can flourish in any place within the field of accounting.

Samual Neff

Fort Hays State University


We appreciate you being part of our KSCPA community, especially during this wild and unfamiliar year that required so much grit and flexibility! Know that you always have a home with us at the KSCPA where we strive to make you feel supported and connected to one another.  

I look forward to all the bright and hopeful possibilities ahead in 2021 for all of us. Sending much hope, joy, and good health your way as you close out 2020 with friends a family and begin this new chapter in 2021.


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