RPA: There is a Bot For That!


Advancements in technology can significantly improve our lives, helping us in terms of speed, accuracy, and productivity. Specifically, RPA allows us to re-imagine new ways to add value to an organization, transforming the way we think about internal processes. Repetitive tasks with a well-defined process are potential candidates for RPA, which when implemented can empower accountants to focus their time on more value-add activities, like data analysis. In-turn, RPA will increase operational efficiency, decrease the likelihood of errors and help to enhance the overall customer experience. As RPA becomes the norm, there will be impacts on the skills and workforces required for the future of work. To find out what these are and what you need to consider to develop an automation strategy, join this webcast.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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12:00pm – 1:00pm

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Partners, CFOs, directors, accounting and finance decision-makers and business consultants interested in automation.





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 Singularity versus Augmentation  What bots can/cannot do  Considerations for an automation strategy  What are some of the tools available? How will bots change the future of work?


 Distinguish between expectation and reality for the use of RPA.  Recognize how RPA is transforming both front office and back office processes. Indicate how RPA is applicable for organizations of any size-for both accounting firms as well as those in industry.  Identify key skills to develop for a bot-driven future.


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