CPA Exam Guide

1) Find Your CPA Exam Study Personality
The first step to passing the CPA exam is understanding how you learn best. It will set the tone for how you study, what tools you use, and how quickly to push yourself as you sign up for the CPA exam.

Take this free CPA exam study personality quiz

2) Invest in the RIGHT CPA review course
Once you find your study personality you need to find a CPA review course that maximizes your study personality.

Use this guide to pick the best CPA review course for you based on your study personality here

3) Find a CPA exam mentor
If you are worried about failing the CPA exam or want to pass it as quickly as possible, finding a CPA exam mentor before you sign up for the CPA exam is a good step. A mentor will be able to show you exactly how to study, how to sign up and keep you focused and motivated on your journey to passing the CPA exam.

3) Sign up for the the CPA exam
Once you have found the best CPA review course for your study personality and a mentor, it's time to sign up for the CPA exam.

Complete Guide to Signing Up for the CPA Exam

NASBA’s CPA Central Page

NASBA International CPA Candidate Application Page 

4) Make time to start studying
17 Strategies For Studying For The CPA Exam While Working Full Time: Studying for the CPA exam will become your second full time job and if you aren't 100% organized then you will quickly become overwhelmed. Use these 17 strategies to keep your work life + personal life + study life separate so that you can succeed in all three. 

5) Prepare for the worst but expect the best.
How To Plan And Recover From Failing A Section Of The CPA Exam: What do you do if you fail and how to ensure that you recover from failure as quickly as possible, so it doesn't sabotage the rest of your exams?

Nobody ever expects to fail the CPA exam but sadly the average fail rate of a single section of the CPA exam is close to 50%. So not only do you need to have a plan for failure, but you also need to understand the mental consequences that may occur if you do end up failing. 

6) Find community to help support and motivate you
I have a thriving community of CPA candidates who hang out in a moderated facebook group and can ask questions, find study buddies, find motivation and get personalized help all for free.

7) My email if any KSCPA members have questions or need help

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