Tips for Kansas CPA Success

Congrats on Passing the CPA Exam! Be Knowledge Empowered with these Tips!

I Passed the CPA Exam! Now What?

Determine if you need an initial permit to practice. Kansas is a ‘two-tier’ state. 
  Step 1: obtain certificate.
  Step 2: obtain permit to practice.

  • Consider the services you will provide and use your CPA designation in connection with the services. The type of services provided such as attest, financial planning, management advisory, or applying for a PTIN may require you to hold a permit to practice.
  • Refer to the Kansas Board of Accountancy (KSBOA) statutes and regulations:  KSA 1-322; 1-310; 1:302b and KAR Article 3  (

I Have My Permit to Practice as a CPA: How Do I Keep my Permit Active?

  • Know the Continuing Professional Education (CPE or CE) requirements.  Kansas has requirements on types of CPE allowed, number of CPE hours needed, session length qualifying for CPE, and mandatory CPE such as ethics, etc. 
  • Mark your calendar and be aware of your permit renewal due dates. Be sure to check when your CPE must be obtained and when you are required to submit your permit renewal to KSBOA.
  • Know how to track your CPE credits and supporting documentation.  Remember you are responsible to keep track of CPE including supporting documentation such as  the certificate of attendance, course outline, etc.
  • Research your CPE provider. Verify CPE is obtained from an approved CPE provider. KSCPA is an approved CPE provider!
  • Refer to the statutes and regulations! KSA 1-310; 1-302b, 1-321; KAR Article 4. (

I've Decided to Venture Out on My Own; What Should I know Before I Start My Business/Firm?

  • Determine if a firm registration is needed. A Firm registration may be required based on type of work you will be performing such as audit, reviews, agreed upon procedures, etc. or based on the firm’s structure including LLP, LLC, Inc, etc. 
  • Review definition of a firm. Be sure that you understand the definition of a firm as stated in the KSBOA statutes.
  • Consider the types of services provided. Services such as attest services (audits, reviews, agreed upon procedures) or being an AICPA member performing compilations will usually require a peer review for AICPA or the KSBOA. 
  • Keep KSBOA and KSCPA in the loop. Notify both the KSBOA and KSCPA if your firm is required to have a peer review.
  • Refer to the statutes and regulations!  KSA 1-321 firm definition; KSA 1-308; KAR Article 7; KSA 1-501; KAR Article 11(

Final note: When in doubt, always contact the KSBOA ( with any questions or if practicing outside of Kansas, be sure to check with that state board of accountancy on rules and regulations before practicing in the state.



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